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Magi Astrology is the astrology of the Magi Society. Traditional and popular astrology is based on sun signs, ascendants and houses. Magi Astrology is based on Planetary Geometry.


The PLANETARY GEOMETRY of a chart is any line (or lines), shape, or pattern that is formed when connecting lines are drawn between the planets that are in "meaningful" alignment at the time of the chart. Below is an example of Planetary Geometry. It is a Magi Astrology Chart for June 21, 1982, the day Prince William of Windsor was born to Princess Diana and Prince Charles:


Every line in the above chart is an example of Planetary Geometry. In the above chart we have drawn lines to connect every pair of planets that make meaningful angles to each other. A meaningful angle is any angle that is a multiple of 30 degrees, so the meaningful angles are 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 and 0 degrees. Like all astrologers, we use an orb, but the orb we use is just 3 degrees.


(Generally, on this website, we will use green lines to connect planets that are 120 degrees apart; we will use blue lines to connect planets that are 150 degrees apart and black lines to connect the planets that are 30 or 60 degrees apart. If two planets are 90 or 180 degrees apart, we would use red lines to connect them. But Prince William does not have planets that are aligned to each other at 90 or 180 degrees so there are no red lines in the above chart.)


The Babylonians were the originators of astrology and the above circle follows the same rules as that ofa Babylonian Alignment Chart, which is a circle of 360 degrees that is divided into the equal parts representing each of the 12 zodiac signs. Each of the 12 signs is 30 degrees of the circle. This means that whenever two planets are aligned to form any of the seven meaningful angles we mentioned earlier, the two planets are both in the same degree of one or two of the twelve zodiac signs. For this reason, we often refer to such meaningful alignments by saying that the two planets MATCH DEGREES. Since the Magi Society uses an orb of 3 degrees, even if two planets are 117 or 123 degrees apart, we still believe they are meaningfully aligned, and we still say they match degrees.


In Magi Astrology, we believe that when any two planets match degrees, the alignment of the two planets is "meaningful" BECAUSE THE TWO PLANETS INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. Traditional astrologers also believe this and they refer to planets that match degrees as planets that are IN ASPECT to each other, and that the two planets form an ASPECT.


To repeat, Planetary Geometry is formed whenever any two planets match degrees (are in aspect to each other). In the above chart of Prince William, there is quite a bit of Planetary Geometry. But some shapes of Planetary Geometry are much more powerful than other ones. The most powerful and helpful shape of Planetary Geometry is SYMMETRICAL.




Please examine and analyze the various shapes of Planetary Geometry in Prince William's chart. Do you have the gut feeling that the most important and powerful astrological influence in his chart must be the Double Yod that is formed by Venus, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto? If you do have such a gut feeling, then you are absolutely right. The reason it is so powerful and helpful is that it is symmetrical. Before we say more, we would like you to look at another chart.


Please look at the chart below. It is the Magi Astrology Chart of Prince Henry, Prince William's younger brother.


Please compare the Planetary Geometry that each chart has. When compared to Prince William's chart, the chart of Prince Henry's birth does not have nearly "as much" Planetary Geometry. From this fact, if you have the gut feeling that Prince William's Planetary Geometry is far superior to that of Prince Henry's chart, you would be absolutely correct.


In addition, Prince William has Symmetrical Planetary Geometry but Prince Henry does not.


Now here is our key point: The Planetary Geometry of a birth chart is the heart and soul of the chart. If you learn Magi Astrology and analyze just the Planetary Geometry of anyone's chart, you will know more about the person than if you use all the other existing astrological techniques combined.


For example, we believe that the reason Prince William is by far the most favorite Prince of the British Royal Family is because his Planetary Geometry is by far the best. Prince William has Symmetrical Planetary Geometry and Prince Henry does not. Neither does Prince Charles, nor does Prince Andrew, nor does Prince Edward.


Planetary Geometry is the geometry of the shapes and figures created by the planets at any given time. The Planetary Geometry that exists at any time is the most powerful astrological influence at that time. The Planetary Geometry holds the astrological secrets of the chart and Magi Astrology has learned how to decipher the secrets of Planetary Geometry.

If you have been disappointed by Traditional Astrology, you will be happy you have now found Magi Astrology. We do not promise you rags to riches. What we do promise is that when you master Magi Astrology and utilize it, you will improve your life much more than by using any other form of astrology. Magi Astrology is logical and consistent. Because of this, it is also simple to learn and utilize.



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