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The best wedding gift you can receive is to be married during an ideal astrological day...

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Whether you are already married or you are about to get married, you can utilize new and earthshaking discoveries in astrology to help you to achieve an ideal marriage and fulfill your dreams. 




Just a short while ago in July of 2002, the Magi Society (the world's fastest growing astrological association) successfully concluded a monumental research project about the astrology of marriages.  It was the most extensive study ever conducted into the astrology of marriages.  We studied over 60,000 marriages, including just about every famous marriage that has a known wedding date. 


Here is the good news!  We made some wonderfully helpful discoveries that you can use to greatly improve your chances of being happily and successfully married.  What we discovered could be of great help to anyone who plans on ever getting married, and also to anyone who is already married.


One of our discoveries is that:


The alignment of the planets PLUS CHIRON on the day of the wedding has a profound influence on every facet of the marriage.  It does not matter what the Sun sign of the marriage is, nor what signs the ascendant or Midheaven are.  What matters are the actual angles of the alignments made between the planets and Chiron.  Chiron is an asteroid-comet that was discovered in 1977.  The Magi Society has discovered that




When it comes to marriages, the alignment of Chiron is more important than that of any of the planets.  (From now on, whenever we use the word "planets," we are including Chiron.)


Some angles between certain planets are very helpful for a marriage like a 120-degree angle between Chiron and Venus.  But some angles made between certain planets are very stressful for a marriage like a 180-degree angle made between Saturn and Chiron.  The combination of all of the alignments made between all the planets on any given day is what we call the complete PLANETARY GEOMETRY of the day.  Since the planets are always moving, each day has a unique Planetary Geometry.


When a couple marry, the Planetary Geometry of the day they marry becomes the Planetary Geometry of their Marriage Chart.  In our research, we discovered that the Planetary Geometry of the Marriage Chart accurately tells us what is most likely to happen in the future of a marriage.


For example:


  • If the Planetary Geometry point to happiness, the marriage will most likely be happy and lifelong. 

  • If the Planetary Geometry point to financial security, the marriage will most likely attain financial security.

  • If the Planetary Geometry point to loving children, the marriage will most likely produce loving children.

    But if Planetary Geometry point to divorce, the marriage will most likely end in divorce.


    In essence, everything has an astrological chart, including marriages.  The better the astrological chart of a marriage, the better the marriage.  It is the Planetary Geometry that makes a day a good or bad day to get married.


    This is great because we have the free will to choose the day we marry.


    Some of us wish our own astrological charts were a little different but of course we cannot choose the day we were born.  But YOU CAN AND MUST CHOOSE THE DAY YOU MARRY and make certain you marry on an ideal astrological day.  TIMING IS EVERYTHING and the astrological chart of the day you marry has a profound influence on your marriage.


    If we are planning on getting married and we take the initiative to make certain that we marry on an ideal astrological day, we are helping ourselves to have the best chances of achieving a Magical Marriage.  Obviously, the best wedding gift any of us can possibly receive is that of a Magical Marriage.





    As a result of the Magi Society's research, we now know exactly HOW TO CHOOSE AN IDEAL WEDDING DATE.  By studying over 60 thousand marriages, we now know exactly how to select an ideal astrological day to marry. 


    Because of these new discoveries in astrology, a happy and prosperous family and an ideal marriage are finally within your reach.  But if we wish to attain these dreams, we must marry on an IDEAL ASTROLOGICAL DAY.  This website will teach you what makes a day an ideal day for you to marry.






    WHAT IF YOU ALREADY MADE WEDDING PLANS AND ALREADY SET A DATE TO GET MARRIED?  We have a simple solution!  There are many couples who have already chosen their wedding date and made plans for it; obviously to make changes now would be a monstrous task especially if banquet reservations have already been made and invitations have already been sent.  However, believe it or not, that would not pose a problem because you can hold a private wedding ceremony on an ideal astrological day BEFORE your already planned wedding ceremony, and you can still go through with the big ceremony with the family, etc. as you have already planned.  The astrological chart of the FIRST ceremony (the one you choose after learning Magi Astrology) will take precedence over the second ceremony (the one chosen because of the schedule of the church, family, caterers, etc.).




    We can still help you.  You can use our discoveries in astrology to help you boost your existing marriage.  But you have to master the astrological principles we teach on this website and apply them diligently.  There is a special section on this website especially for people who are already married.







    The Magi Society has written the contents of this website to help our visitors to learn how to choose an ideal astrological day to get married.


    All the material on this website is based on Magi Astrology, the astrology of the Magi Society. The Magi Society is the fastest growing astrological organization in the world. Since 1995 the Magi Society has written three books that have quickly become classics of astrology.  Magi Astrology is a tested and proven form of astrology that utilizes astrological secrets of the ancient Hebrew prophets and Chinese astrologers, combining them with recent monumental discoveries.


    As a result of our research into the astrology of marriage, we have discovered the three astrological ingredients for a Magical Marriage. Please click here to learn about these three ingredients.


    We will do our best on this website to teach you enough Magi Astrology so you may choose your own ideal wedding date.  However, we have only recently launched this website (late August of 2002) and we will need a year before we finish posting all the planned lessons for this site.  When we are finished, we will have posted our analysis of over 50 famous marriages and we will use Magi Astrology to explain why all of the marriages turned out the way they did.


    If you are in a hurry to learn Magi Astrology, the best way to begin to learn it as quickly as possible is to read our third book, Magi Astrology: the Key to Success in Love and Money. Click here to read more about this book and learn how you can order it


    (If you are planning to marry and would like one of our Certified Experts to choose a wedding date for you for a fee, please click here and we will send you information about our wedding date consultation service, the costs and how to proceed.)


    [What if you or your fiancée do not believe in any form of astrology?  Then please read all the examples of famous good and bad marriages that are on this site.  The examples should open your eyes to the power of the stars.  And if you still have doubts, please keep in mind that if you think the stars do not work, then they would not hurt you so you have nothing to lose by marrying on an ideal astrological day.  On the other hand, if the stars work (and we are certain the stars do work) then you are taking a huge chance on your life by not marrying on a Magical Day.]


    This website is divided into two sections.  One section is for those who are already married and the other is for those who are planning to get married.


    The first section of our website is devoted to those of you who are planning to get married.  Our goal is to help you to fulfill your dreams of having a Magical Marriage.  The Magi Society has always believed that the crucial first step to take to ensure that your marriage will be an ideal one is to make certain you get married on an ideal astrological day.  Our research into 60 thousand marriages has confirmed our beliefs.


    In other words, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.


    You can successfully select a Magical astrological day to get married by studying and mastering Magi Astrology.  This website will teach you Magi Astrology and how to choose the best astrological day to get married.


    Click here to begin to learn how to choose your most Magical Day to get married and learn about the astrology of marriages.


    Click here to begin to learn how to use Magi Astrology to protect your marriage from failing.


    In the second section of this website, we teach those of you who are already married how to use Magi Astrology in order to give a boost to your existing marriage and improve your chances of fulfilling your dreams.  By studying and mastering the principles of Magi Astrology, you can understand how to harness the power of astrology to greatly improve your life and marriage.


    Click here if you are already married and want to learn how to utilize Magi Astrology to improve your life.


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